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According to legend, the land that would one day become Westonia was originally inhabited by four mighty clans.


Constantly at war for power the four tribes fought a bitter civil war that finally reached its peak in the Great Battle of the The Järnholmen. An unstable peace was established. Westonia was in dire need of unity. But who would reign over the land? The answer was  The Clash of the Clans. For one week, and one week only, on the anniversary of the Great Peace a grand tournament would be fought. And the winners would be crowned: the Lords of Westonia.


Powerful and proud, the four clans were:

From the enchanting but dangerous jungles of the east: THE COBRAS

From the uninviting and harsh saharas of the south: THE RHINOS

From the subartic tundra and the wild, raw north: THE WOLVES

and from the mysterious and ominous mountains of the west: THE PANTHERS

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